Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Monday, February 25, 2013

after-dinner entertainment

H jamming to a song from "Day of the Diesels" (a Thomas movie)

Paper Jams guitar in hand, & the iPad on the floor.
Notice the garbage can drum & finger-snapping beats... and a couple of rock n' roll baby's thrown in :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The other day, Hayden brought a picture home from school:

He was showing it to me this evening & after telling him how much I loved it he surprisingly said, "You do?"

I am not sure if it's because he knows my favorite color is purple, but I said, "Yes, I love that blue!" Then I said, "What is it a picture of? Or is it just a painting?"

And he answered, "It's fishies." So I said, "I think you're right. I'll show you where the fishies are... I see them."

I realize this wouldn't go over well with some children, but this story is about my child. So, he watched as I took a marker to the page. By about the second fish I outlined, he started to point to where he saw more. Well, maybe... or possibly he was showing me where he wanted there to be more. But he was sure to tell me when I forgot to put a "tail" on one:

He was so excited to show Dad*, that I never actually finished tracing all the possible fish in his beautiful blue painting. But the interruption was well worth it to watch Hayden proudly walk our picture over to him. And I think it's positively incredible that Hayden has such an imagination, that he completely understood what I was doing.

Yes, "Dad". He is graduating from "Gad" :)