Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Monday, January 16, 2012

toward$ a cure

The other day I was waiting on line at a $5-or-less store, appropriately named Five Below, to purchase a stylus pen for H's iPad. Actually it was two pens because I am already planning on one of them getting lost.

I noticed a sign above the registers about raising money for schools, so I asked the cashier about it and learned this can also benefit an organization. She pointed me in the direction of the manager, and within minutes I set up an early-spring fundraiser for The National Fragile X Foundation.

Our confirmed time frame is March 4th through April 7th when anyone can bring in a flier to the specified Five Below location, shop, and 10% of the total purchases will be donated to the NFXF.

We are very excited over the potential money to be raised! The manager said during the weeks leading up to Easter people tend to shop there for basket fillers, and seasonally it's also a popular time when customers often purchase party favors.

The last major effort we put towards fundraising was in 2010 via Hayden's First Giving page. The NFXF was celebrating their 25th Anniversary, and approximately 30 families created fundraiser pages through The NFXF promoted $25 for 25 years, and proceeds from the campaign were going towards an early diagnosis initiative.

We set a starting goal of $1,000.00 We were meeting that much quicker than anticipated, and happily increased it to $2,000.00. At the conclusion of the $25 for 25 Fundraiser, Hayden's page had raised more than $3,000.00! It was the most amount raised from the entire campaign!

I hope we exceed goals this time around, too!

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