Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Saturday, May 5, 2012

three hundred and thirty something days ago...

Yes, just shy of one year ago I started this blog. To track toileting progress. And although we felt like we got somewhere even on Day One, ultimately we were nowhere close.

Three hundred and thirty something days of encouraging moments, and not-so-encouraging moments.

Fast forward to May 3, 2012:

After a couple of hours into the school day, and Hayden still did not have a toileting accident, they decided to have him sit for a little longer than the usual couple of minutes because they knew he would have to go soon.

And THAT he did! After about ten minutes he looked down and he saw himself going, and he was so excited he clapped!

We celebrated Hayden-style:

1. he was showered with praises, and notes, and goodies, and treats at school

2. his dad took him to DD when he got home
3. his mom gave him bucks after work

4. he got a Cars battleship
5. he had pizza dinner with Grandma Suzi and Pop Z

6. he picked out another car after dinner, as well as a pickup truck with a jet ski on its trailer. And MORE bucks from Pop Z
7. Grandma Angie made her meatballs, from scratch (his favorite)

And the next day, he even told his Aide it was time to go back to the toilet AS HIS pants were wet :) So he knew, and he associated it with the toilet. (I'm combusting over this)

So we continued...

8. two new t-shirts (one of which appropriately says, "my time will come"  ;'-)   He is absolutely going to achieve this. He does everything when he's ready, and not before)

9. a new bath toy
10. last but not least, a couple of new water bottles & a baseball snack sack for school

For Hayden to learn toileting surrounding all of the challenges that fragile x puts in his way, it's like someone trying to teach me calculus when I could barely get a handle on algebra.

He is a soldier, our Hayden. He is a SOLDIER.

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