Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Thursday, June 20, 2013

you are my purple.

I am not going to sit here & tell you to rest in peace.

Something tells me wherever you are you're not tired. In peace, yes... but resting, probably not. Maybe other loved ones rest because that's what we say, when we lay someone to rest.

But you, hopefully you're shopping in peace. After all, we know the best-dressed woman in the world has her appearance to keep up. Or maybe you're watching one of your favorite shows, while peacefully crocheting an afghan blanket.

If it's really a great day, then you are most certainly sitting in peace while china painting. Perhaps you're working on a small dish with your signature violets, & you've just finished the second layer of gold trim around the edge, so it's time to put it back in the kiln.

But if it is the most perfect of days, then hopefully you're traveling in peace. You & Poppy are on your way to an extraordinary place.

I know wherever you are, you’re with your family & you are reunited with Poppy. I know you are content. You go on ahead & put on a beautiful skirt suit, or perhaps an ensemble that Great Grandma Jessie made (this is your after-party, you decide)-- & then slip on a pair of your little heels. Go & enjoy...

Perhaps you’ve been resting only to build up energy for the past week... to give your body strength before you went on to a better place. You have 92½ years of a beautiful life, to pick & choose moments to relive.


When Poppy passed away Uncle Irl looked up from his eulogy & said not to be sorry for our loss... & likewise, at this time, everyone should acknowledge with us the blessing that we've enjoyed all of these years with our beloved Grandma... or Mom... etc... whomever she is to each of us. I use present-tense because she will continue to be in most of our thoughts & in all of our hearts.

Grandma, I am beyond grateful for everything I have shared with you (& Poppy)... my whole life. And especially being the only grandchild who was blessed to have both of you present on my wedding day… Dan & I both feel so lucky. Especially me… I feel blessed almost to the point of guilt.

Then about two years after that, I was so very thankful that Poppy knew there was an H on the way... he didn't know if it was a boy "H" or a girl "H", but he knew there was going to be an HZC... who would make you an official GGG. None of us knew about the X of course but that's the gene-- or should I say spot-- that marks a hidden treasure. Hayden is nothing short of that. Some days that map is particularly difficult to follow & I might emphasize the hidden part… but he is the most surprising & rewarding of treasures, nonetheless.

You're always so very proud of him & his progress & I love how often you would tell me that you shared stories with a friend, when he says or does something funny. And you would always say I should write it down so I promise for as long as I can, that I will.

It's been a couple of years since I wrote you a poem & I know how much you love them. (I will always remember that it was at the house in Maywood after the fire, when a poem was recovered which I wrote when I was about 8... the oldest remaining one, as far as I know.)


Well, here's something more current for one of my biggest fans:

For all of us you represent such adoration, strength, & grace.
I just think of your talent, valor, & even I walk taller.
You dress to the nines but your most stunning accessory, your face.
Lavender shades appeal to both our hearts; you're just like our color.
Grandma, as long as there exists purple in this world,
I will continue to love you & to respect you.
Your memory is like a finishing touch, the stitch called purl.
Remain in peace, but enjoy rest only when you want to.

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