Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Thursday, October 17, 2013

if you can't carry it all, make 2 trips?

Well, we had the first progress meeting of the year this morning...

On the plus side, I learned that H finally raised his hand in class to answer a question (pretty huge, right?)... but equally awesome is that he got it correct! Unfortunately the teacher couldn't remember what it was so I will have to ask his Aide, but regardless it's pretty tremendous.

Also it was humorous to learn that when working in a smaller group, Hayden now speaks under his breath because he knows he can not call-out the answer. So for example, the speech therapist tells me that if he's working alongside another student & it's supposed to be their turn, he does this thing... he will lower his head & look to the side & whisper the word.

(If we each had a penny for every time we're torn between wanting to high-five this kid or correct him...)

On the down side, I should be beaming about all of these things but unfortunately we are still dealing with the whole transportation issue... which, absurdly long story short, here's where we are now:

There is an Aide on the van with H... met her once... her name is Maria... she rolls the "r" well when she says her name... H was very surprised to see a new face on the van as he was about to step inside... I could not give him a heads-up because I barely had one myself... & even so, I did not know male, female, name, nothing...

So I gave Maria-with-the-fancy-r one of H's Positive Student Profile brochures... & as I'm handing it to her I take a glance around the van, & suddenly realize they will now be short one seat in the afternoon...

There is one more kid who is not on the route in the morning, but he is after school.

Well, later on following H's progress meeting I learn that the van is making two routes in the afternoon... first they pick up one little girl & her Nurse/Aide & bring her home... during this time H & the other student are left behind at school & basically wait in the gym... then I am told within fifteen minutes the van returns (just in time for the school Aide's dismissal), & then it is H's turn to come home.

All this, because the transportation company does not have a vehicle which can accommodate everyone at the same time.

Or should I say, all this because suddenly after all these years Hayden needs an Aide on the way to & from school, because he just won't stay seated.

I may not know the root of his anxiety with this one, but I do know it's painfully contagious.


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