Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

third time's a charm

So last night H's iPad went whacko on us... the screen was intermittently loading new windows without even touching it

I feel as if we are cursed, because we have already had two replacement iPads... I can not remember if the first one was the iPad which got stuck in "headphones" mode (even though we never, ever plugged headphones into the damn thing), or if it was the second iPad, which I know had an issue of the sound not working altogether.

What I do know for sure, is that I have been to the same store on 3 separate occasions to have the iPad replaced, including today, which was conveniently out of warranty. Yes you can still get a replacement when that happens, but it'll cost ya at least a couple hundred dollars... but I'm not supposed to complain, because that's half the price of the lowest model of a new one, right?

Well first of all, to get there I can not go to work. My remaining vacation hours for this year (good thing it's already November) total less than a day's worth. But after witnessing H's reaction the first two times we had iPad issues, & then being reminded last night, & once more this morning... there is no way in the universe I was about to deal with him coming home from school today & starting all over. Oh, & another fun convenience... they're on early dismissal today so I would have even less time to sort this out.

So I made the earliest appointment the Apple store would accept, drove almost 20 miles in rush hour traffic to get there (that is the closest location), walked up to their inappropriately named Genius Bar, & then handed the possessed device to a guy... who sent me to another guy... who sent me to a woman... all wearing the same shirt but standing in different parts of the store, as if not allowed to cross to someone else's domain.

First we tried the no-cost solution of updating the software, but sure enough the screen was still being manipulated by an invisible finger. So then without much choice we had to begin the replacement process. With my head hung in defeat I handed over my credit card & the lady (who made a lovely point of telling me that she still has an original first model iPad which still works fine), went to work completing the transaction.

I "signed" with my finger on various screens of various devices to allow them to erase this, activate that, pay for the other thing, not hold responsibility either thing, & agree that after 90 days we would basically be screwed indefinitely.

With the worst behind me (so I thought), I exited the store to find the very professional kid-managed kiosk where I could spend just a little more money to replace a perfectly good screen protector, because it could not be transferred to the new device. However, the kid-- I mean person-- who was supposed to be managing his little kiosk post was no where in sight. Just an empty stool, an open laptop with a black screen, & a coffee cup sitting beside it. The barely-English-speaking man at the next kiosk informed me that he was there & he should be right back.

Well, twenty minutes later he wasn't.

Why did I bother waiting so long you might ask? Well, you see, these aren't just any screen protectors... they are supposed to be the very best screen protectors (which you will still need to put your iPad case around, but that's besides the point). Once you have a fancy anti-scratch screen protector installed on one device, you save money on future installations including replacements... because this is how they talk you into paying an absurd amount for the initial screen protector in the first place. And they will remind you... it's not just a screen protector but it's two sheets so you can also protect the back of the iPad (which is very exposed to the elements underneath that 2-inch thick, 3-pound military style iPad case that you paid $70.00 for).

So I finally gave up because after I calculated how much time I would have left once I got home, & would be able to begin re-downloading all of Hayden's movies, shows, apps, etc... in time for him before he arrived home from school (which, again, is on early dismissal)... I basically realized I had to get the hell out of there fast.

But seriously... how could I go home without protecting our precious, sacred replacement #3 iPad from getting scratched?! Well, conveniently, there was a Brookstone nearby (I swear it's all an evil plot).

$20.00 more later for a screen protector which will only cover the front of the iPad & I was finally headed home.

I am writing this as I am waiting for the 3rd of 5 movies to finish downloading, & I have not even started on the shows yet. I did however get most of his apps back on.

I have less than 30 minutes to go... wish me luck because I need it right now...

And if it's not too much to ask, please say a prayer that this iPad #3 miraculously lasts until Hayden is at least 15 years old.

Thank you.


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