Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Sunday, December 8, 2013


About a month ago we had our first snowfall out here in Jersey-- except it was more like a dusting than a fall.

Tonight it snowed for the second time this season & although it's once again barely a measurable amount, it is thicker. So when you look outside, especially if you're only 8, it looks impressive. Everything has a nice even coat of white.

H of course could not get out there fast enough & only wanted to shovel. At first we said no because it's very cold, it was actually still snowing, & also I was trying to cook dinner.

But as soon as the meal was at the point that I could safely step away from the stove, I told him we could go outside for 10 minutes (famous last words). Dan brought him out, got the shovels, & then I joined them.

Hayden was very happy to be shoveling. And I will say that just by pushing it along the road, he actually accumulated enough snow that the shovel had a full scoop.
He wanted me to take pictures so I did (even though they were blurry because it was night time & it was still snowing).

I watched him sort of weave the shovel all over the place & make a winding-patterned path. But he is such a good little helper when he wants to be... & he looked so cute in his bright green snow hat... my little smiling snow angel...

Until it was time to come inside & he would not listen. No more angel. Just Hayden.

Anyway, fast-forward to when we ran out of threats & he finally got cold enough (I guess) that he came inside on his own. After we calmed down I showed him the pictures I took. He was enjoying this until all of a sudden he sees a tiny thumbnail ad on the side of the computer screen, for a Sears Craftsman something-or-other. So I went to the site so we could look at the tools. He noticed a workbench & said he wants the "table" for his shed but I told him it's too expensive. He begged anyway & I told him I do not have the money to spend on that.

So then he answers, "Santa does! Tell him."

He put emphasis on "him" as if I should know better. And just like that he was my innocent little angel again & all stubbornness from the hour earlier was forgotten.

From his perspective he had an excellent point (the poor guy) but I also do not have practice answering these types of questions... because my parents never had to answer mine. When I was a kid there was absolutely no mistaking where our Chanukah presents came from, & there was no jolly old bearded man flying around the world & dropping them down our (imaginary) chimney. Everything we got was a result of Mom & Dad going to the store & all of us knew this.

In this house we do have a fireplace so that part isn't an issue, but I still needed to answer Hayden about Santa's budget. So I told him that Santa already spent a fair amount of money on him & he will see everything in a couple of weeks. (I think H got a little confused because I started to decorate the house this weekend, & perhaps this made him think the big day is much closer.)

We made a Christmas countdown calendar & stuck it on the fridge-- at the end of each day, a snowflake sticker marks that we are one box closer to the square with the evergreen tree. 


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