Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Sunday, November 22, 2015


They sure do like their routine & they'll let us know it. And when they're hungry they have zero patience & very big appetites. They don't really give kisses but they both love hugs & joint pressure massage-- it is almost humorously uncanny how much they both crave sensory input.

They do not like being outside in the cold-- despite enjoying that temperature when it comes to drinking water, which they both require A LOT of. Yet it's clear they both significantly prefer playing in dirt versus snow any day. They can be super stubborn.
In theory they could both use a leash when we're out & about. And inside, unfortunately they're both very good at making crumbs but neither one of them is any good at cleaning them up.

Don't even get me started on timing-- they will both inevitably need something as soon as I'm busy. And every time I come home with packages, they will both think I have something for them. I don't know where they got that idea from.

Going to the bathroom is like an accomplishment-- one of them expects a biscuit & the other one feels the need to make an announcement. It seems they both interpret getting their nails trimmed as some form of medieval punishment. They both go nuts if UPS comes to the house, or there's any sort of loud truck coming up the road. Neither one of them is fond of cats, either. Generally speaking they tend to make enough noise to shoo-away any animal in or near our yard.

Despite the fact that they both have beds,
alf the time they sleep elsewhere on the floor. Usually they are both eerily quiet sleepers, & I find myself checking to see that each of them is breathing. But they do not like to sit still for pictures.

Exactly one year ago today on November 22nd of 2014-- during what was supposed to be a mere visit to a pet rescue center-- a foster parent walked into the adoption center with a dog named Sammie. She knew we were there to meet her, but not knowing any more than that she instinctively offered the leash to Hayden.

My son, who would typically be described as nervous or stand-off-ish around most dogs, simply accepted the leash without any hesitation. 

I was so shocked I took a picture:

Next thing I know I am writing a big check, & looking down at a packet of paperwork awaiting my signature...

"I hereby elect to adopt the dog listed above...". The name written on the line said "Sammie".

Before we could even walk around the pet store to purchase food & other basic supplies, our son started to leave. With the dog. 

Fast-forward a few minutes after that & Hayden was seated next to his new companion & we were on our way home.

A year later, as I look back on those pictures, I can see when she walked how her tail was drooping much lower than it normally does. And I notice a distant look in her eyes that I would not have noticed at the time. So much less expression on her face, versus the way she looks in our eyes now.

But even then, when her foster person left the pet center before we did, she did not cry for her & try to pull Hayden towards her. So she may have been confused, but at the same time it was clear they were both ready to get to know one another.

And a year later they sure have.

Happy One Year Adoptiversary, Sammie!

Even though you weren't a puppy anymore when we got you, we hope you'll be with us for many years to come.

We love seeing your white-tipped tail waving behind you...


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