Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Thursday, June 22, 2017

brighter by the dozen

Funny how raising your own child doesn't prepare you for when they grow into a person the size of a small adult. It's that stage when they're still a kid, but they stand nearly eye-to-eye with you. It's not as if it happens overnight, despite the expression, yet I look at these pictures & I can hardly wrap my mind around how we got from there to here. 

And how surreal that we did not yet know about a condition called fragile x when the first photo was taken, & we wouldn't even hear those words until five months later. But throughout these years I have never stopped learning from Hayden. To this day most of what I need to know about a person I can tell from how they respond to him, how they interact or react. Hayden also has the ability to show people their own true colors-- I had no idea how little I knew about my own personal strengths & weaknesses until I became his mom.
I can't imagine any other child opening our eyes as much as Hayden has.
To the person with the purest heart I've ever known, the braver of the two of us (who I can always count on to save me from spiders), the one who will never be too grown up for cuddling, the one who I've always looked up to & pretty soon I'll be doing so literally... our birthday wish for you is that as the year goes on it only continues to get better & brighter.
We love you beyond measure.
12 months / 12 years

Happy Birthday H-man!


  1. Happy Birthday to your boy. Believe it or not, I learn so much from reading your blog and it gives me courage to keep going with my own son.

    1. Thank you so much-- I've learned from many other parents who went through different situations before us as well. I really appreciate your kind words!