Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Sunday, October 16, 2011

baby steps

When it was all said and done, this was an interesting week. 

Behaviorally, Hayden had a tough time. But strangely enough-- he suddenly tolerated a bunch of new textures. Mainly between Friday and yesterday, he surprised us a few times.

On Friday Hayden saw me eating grapes, and he wanted to try one. They were seedless red ones-- so, a little bit sweeter and no surprise crunch in the center. However, the significant texture difference when biting into a grape is in itself more than enough for him to experience.

We tried first with a whole one, and it wasn't happening. So I bit one in half and then he tested it for a few minutes. He put it between his fingertips, and placed it almost all the way in his mouth. He closed his lips around it without letting go (talk about fine motor), and then took the grape half out of his mouth... over and over again.

Finally he ate it! Then he did it again-- with another half of a grape but this time he handed me the specimen when he was finished trying it. Then he stuck his finger along the inside of his cheek, and dug out a piece of grape skin. But the most he suffered was an odd expression-- never even gagged. This was certainly significant!

The best part was he jumped on my lap after the whole experience was over, and cheered himself. "You proud me?" he said? "Yes!" I answered enthusiastically. Dan, and grandma and grandpa Al were also very congratulatory!

The following day, yesterday, I offered him something new for lunch. I bought two pre-packaged lunch kits, thinking we could try one at home before possibly sending him to school with it.

This particular lunch kit has enough Hayden-friendly items with the sandwich, that I thought he may actually try it. It comes with a small bottle of water, a cup of applesauce and spoon, a little pouch of plain cookies for dessert, and ingredients for a turkey and cheese sandwich.

Coldcuts are not something that he eats as the texture bothers him, and so does cheese unless it's cooked in something. But there was just a couple times that Hayden tried turkey at school during a class party or something, so I knew it was possible for him to tolerate it.

If I could graduate to sending to him to school with something simple like a sandwich instead of a hot meal... wow.  That would be the next best thing to the sliced bread as far as I'm concerned!

He was very excited to open up the lunch kit and felt like it was a prize as it was a novely to him. I took out the small roll and showed him how to put the "sauce" (mayo) on, and then the turkey and the cheese. Then I managed to cut the mini sandwich in half. I opened the applesauce, the cookies, and the water which he loved-- his own bottle! There was also a pouch of fruit punch mix to add to it but we set that aside, as it's not so Hayden-friendly.

He ended up disecting the sandwich. However, in the process he consumed nearly all of the turkey and most of the cheese!

I will admit I had a side of chicken nuggets already prepared in case, and he didn't even touch them. Granted yesterday was not a "hungry" day, but I think he did well enough with the lunch kit that I can send it in for a half day or early dismissal or something along those lines...

Even though he is walking and talking, he still takes baby steps. I am fine with that. 


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