Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


If you haven't noticed the media presence: April is Autism Awareness Month. Today, April 2nd, is the sixth annual World Autism Awareness Day.

You can visit Autism Speaks online, & learn about their efforts to help shine a light on autism:

Light it up BLUE

You should also know...
The two largest foundations which support the community of people affected by fragile x, are the FRAXA Research Foundation & The National Fragile X Foundation(NFXF).

You're probably wondering why I threw that in there.

Well, right on FRAXA's homepage ( you will see a statement which deserves equal awareness. But I can spell-it-out (in blue) so you don't even have to click on that link:

Fragile X is the most common known cause of autism.

Here is a helpful section via the NFXF site, which further explains the link between fx & autism

Did you know that right now there is ground-breaking genetic research giving hope for potential treatment of autism's core symptoms?

You can put your science cap on, & read about some of the research here:
researchers reverse fxs symptoms / promising autism treatment

Yes, April is Autism Awareness Month. But I just thought you should also be aware of a much lesser-known condition.

Please pass it on.

And wear blue today. Wear blue all month if you wish. But please tell people why you're wearing blue.

Thank you


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