Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Friday, April 19, 2013


So, an on-going issue for us, has been that H tends to leave most of his skills at school as soon as he exits the building. This includes proper toileting.

A couple of days ago at parent-teacher conference, we discussed sending him home in underwear. Friday we decided was a good day to try, because it's a shorter route home with only one other kid.

9:16 AM - an email from H's teacher:
"Would you like to try sending him home in underwear today? I just wanted to make sure this was the plan before we just did it."
10:53 AM - I replied:
"If Hayden seems like he's having a calm day & his toileting pattern is regular/good, then I think it's fine to send him home in his underwear. Hopefully it works & I can get him in the bathroom when he gets home!"

2:54 PM - H's teacher replied:
"Great! Thank you. He had a great day! Going home in underwear! Fingers crossed."

3:07 - a text from H's Aide:
"Hayden just went to the bathroom before he left. Told him he has to use the potty at home when he gets there."

About twenty minutes later the school van was coming up the road.
I prepared myself for the worst.

Just in case he was sitting in a puddle of his own waste, I would say things like, "It's no big deal" or "We have plenty more clothes in your room" or "I was just going to start the washing machine-- perfect timing"

I opened the van door, barely looked at his face, & immediately focused my attention to his jeans.

They were dry.


I tried not to overreact with excitement & prompted him to come inside with me to the bathroom. He made comments about the weather & then kept repeating, "patch on"-- as in, the medicine he won't wear at home & wants removed immediately when he walks in the door.(Boxer briefs aren't the only thing we can't get on him outside of school hours.)

I didn't think he was going to follow me to the bathroom because he really wanted me to get the lotion to remove the patch. I promised him I would get it & then bring it in the bathroom. Luckily this worked.

I ran to get the lotion, he waited for me in the bathroom, & as I was on my way back I heard him talking...

He announced that he peed.

I just missed the crowning achievement by mere seconds, but I could see that he did in fact pee. In the toilet.

He did not want to put his underwear back on, but he promised me that he would tomorrow. I am going to hold him to that promise.

Fingers crossed!


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