Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Sunday, May 12, 2013

a woman's wealth

Oh, I could go on & on about how wealthy I am.

Even if I only think about the women who have impacted my life-- because it doesn't stop there-- but you could say I've been spoiled with nurture for as long as I can remember. I believe I continue that trend with my own son, as well.

I have a rich heart because I am loved by a mother & a sister, each with a heart of gold. I have the memory of that love from one grandmother, & the continued love of that kind from another.

And when Hayden came into my already-wealthy world, there was yet another new "X" on the treasure map (quite literally).

But to all of the women out there who are "only" somebody's daughter, or sister, or aunt, or friend... you might not be a parent but you don't need to be... not for someone else in this world to feel they wouldn't have life if it weren't for you.

So I actually want to wish a happy mother's day to all women, including "moms" who are not moms as far as we define a mom.
Life is not about how many car seats we have, or whether or not we will become a grandmother one day. It's not measured by how many drawings & paintings cover our refrigerator doors, nor is it defined by how many pairs of different size shoes are left by our front door.

I believe it's measured in the way we care for one another, whatever capacity that may be.

So for the moms who are mother of one or mother of many... for the moms who are also advocates & continuous caregivers... for the moms who have to be both parents... & for the "moms" who are not technically a parent at all...

I wish you that genuine fortune of being thanked & loved by someone else in this world, who feels they would never be here without you.

And I hope my son grows up knowing that is just how he makes me feel.

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