Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Sunday, September 15, 2013

hayden's shed

H & Pop Z spent a greater part of the summer building a shed.

They literally worked through some days of record-breaking heat & even rain. But Hayden loved learning how to use new tools & Pop Z loved spending time with his #1 guy.

However, we never really had a big reveal because H was involved in the process from the beginning. Still he was very happy to have all of his things in there-- a tractor, 2 lawn movers, leaf blower, shopping cart, wheelbarrow, hand truck, gas pump, bike, snow shovel, etc.

...& today we added his old tool bench which had been collecting dust in the basement.

So while he was out of the house, I had about an hour to begin the makeover. I cleaned his old table, put the chairs in, put up some cars pictures, a few feet of racetrack wall decals, & then got the camera ready for the big reveal:

(Pardon the few inappropriate words... he literally can not control his language sometimes when he is very excited... one of the many side effects of FX...but he was genuinely very happy)

Click the blue link to see his reaction :-)

Hayden's Shed


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