Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Monday, March 17, 2014

hope for the best

Shame on me for the delayed follow-up to last week's post, about the concert...
Although I'm pretty confident anyone who reads this already knows the ending.

If you're still wondering how he did, whether or not he made it up to the stage-- both times, when the 2nd graders performed solo & then together with the 1st graders-- this might help: (the link will open in a separate window)

FMB Spring Concert 2014

But it was so much more than that...

He mimicked the music teacher with his arms...
He enthusiastically turned towards his peers on the risers...
He clapped with the audience...
And several times he exclaimed, "thank you for coming!"

(Btw, all of this at an hour of the evening when he's usually getting ready for bed!)

I was/ am beside myself & in complete awe of him, & what he is capable of. His participation was a total 180 compared to last year (although I'd be proud & impressed regardless).

There were additional factors to get in the way this year as well... including the fact that due to the brutal, snowy winter we had, there was limited parking at the school. So without the use of the field, people had to park at the other elementary school & they were shuttled over. I drove to the school immediately following work & purposely parked my truck there ahead of time, so at least we'd have a vehicle nearby for a quick getaway (if needed). And the cold, rainy weather that night certainly didn't help.

But inside the school felt much different! By the way, Hayden said the Toy Story song was his favorite (You've Got a Friend in Me)

I want to add a heartfelt nod to his former babysitter who showed up to support him... it was a truly great surprise. And last but not least, to Grandma Suzi & Pop Z who somehow squeezed in an appearance the night before they were leaving for California.

And apparently Hayden's most obvious fans are not the only ones paying attention. This evening I
received an unexpected phone call from another mom whose younger daughter is in the same 2nd grade class as H. Apparently she just wanted to say that she's been meaning to call me because H did so well in last week's concert... & even though "he was his usual adorable self"... that he was so much more involved & it was really great.

Well I can not top that, but I will say my primary hope was that Hayden would learn he can do this.

So this time next year when I once again hope for the best, I think I'll leave out the part about expecting the worst. It's not applicable to my kid.


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