Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

it's tonight

Here are pics from this time last year-- before & during Spring Concert:

Anyone who remembers knows the rehearsal pic on the left where H appears to be excluding himself (sitting beside his aide)... is quite the contrary because it actually took A LOT for him to make it to the front of the room. I was very proud & shared the progress on Facebook.

The pic on the right was taken just one day later, during the actual concert. If you happen to remember the post, it was a pretty huge deal (as you can imagine) & brought me to tears.

Here is a clip of him clapping to a little girl named Aniella (the link will open in a separate window):
2013 Concert

This year's concert is tonight.

The bad news is that we are already having a bit of a tough morning with him (although last night was even worse).

The hopeful news is, that so far he successfully participated in two(!) 1-hour rehearsals at school. 

For me, the Concert is less about him being included, & more about the fact that I don't want him to remember the anxiety. I don't want him to remember the crying. I don't want him to remember the throwing up. I am proud either way because he has come SO far.

But I would love for him to simply remember that he can do this.


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