Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Becoming Mrs. Rogers" Blog Tour

In case you have not already heard... Cindi Rogers' first book Becoming Mrs. Rogers is now available on !

I am proudly participating in the Blog Tour for her book, so here is some promo content which was provided to me to share...

The book was a labor of love for Cindi, as well as her husband, Chris. "The process has been a wonderful learning experience & will continue to be, moving forward," -Cindi Rogers

This book is a memoir about becoming parents, starting a family, & raising two sons with a diagnosis of fragile X syndrome. The timeline travels from birth to present day & covers different issues such as school, behavior, therapies, & day-to-day life. The book will take you through some downs but also some ups, only to come out with moments of joy & hope.

"It was an emotional journey for me while writing it, for Chris while reading it, and we hope for you, too."
-Cindi Rogers

The Rogers Family hopes you will consider sharing this with others who also might benefit from such a story.
And they would like to say, Welcome to the Fragile X Neighborhood!

I gave her book my own 5-star review & I'm confident you will, too!

**A portion of the proceeds from this book are being donated to the Rogers Neighborhood FX Family Fund. This Fund offers scholarships to assist families in attending the NFXF (bi-yearly) International FX Conferences.**

Becoming Mrs. Rogers is the true and heart-felt story of one couple’s journey into acceptance following a devastating genetic diagnosis for both of their sons. Their story, its highs & lows entwined with its wisdom & compassion, has been a beacon of hope for thousands of families struggling with fragile X & other autism spectrum disorders.

Fragile X is the most common inherited form of intellectual impairment & the number one known genetic link to autism. The symptoms associated with fragile x affect a child's entire world, including social & behavioral challenges as well as cognition & speech. Rogers not only tells her story but also gives advice for new parents, sharing facts about:

* the physical and behavioral characteristics of Fragile X

* the effects of Fragile X on learning, functioning, & daily activities

* medication & therapy

* how fragile X affects the family

Cindi Rogers and her husband, Chris, share the perspectives and tools they embraced in order to help their boys be as happy & independent as they can possibly be. It is a story of challenges, tears, joy & hope.

Cindi is the mother of two sons, ages 23 & 25, who are affected with fragile X syndrome & autism. Since receiving this diagnosis, Cindi has become a leader & symbol of hope within the fragile X community. Her positivity, creativity, & defining can-do attitude have inspired families & professionals worldwide. Cindi & her family have traveled to conferences around the world to present her innovative strategies, helping families not only to live with fragile X, but to also thrive. It has become her personal mission to share techniques to help families generate ideas that they can implement in their own world, while helping their children with fragile X syndrome to live happier, more independent lives.

Today, Cindi serves on the Board of Directors for Developmental FX in Denver, a non-profit that helps families just like hers learn to thrive in the face of fragile X syndrome. She lives & works with her husband and two sons in Littleton, Colorado. Together they love traveling the U.S. in their RV named Rocket.

"I met this handsome guy in Mrs. Johnson's 7th grade French class. He courted me for 8 years and then we married. I'm pleased to say that through tears, joy and challenges we have endured 29 years of marriage. It hasn't always been 'peaches & cream', but we've emerged as a strong, loving couple. I wouldn't have shared this fragile X journey with anyone else." -Cindi Rogers

Please enjoy being Cindi's neighbor on their journey...

Order your copy today!

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