Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Friday, May 9, 2014

caregiver's day

Narrow roads lead up to where we live
The driveway is not, nor likely to be paved

The people & memories inside:
They make it a home at the end of the day

Our furnishings are not all new

Our meals are decent although not gourmet
As long as everyone is clean & fed
Far as I'm concerned, it's an OK-day.

The table may have some crumbs on it

Or my hair may need more than a brush & spray
No doubt my truck could use attention

These, too, may be part of a typical day

If toy bin contents are on the floor
And beds in two of the rooms were never made
The breakfast pan is still on the stove

Then maybe it's a smidge less than yesterday. 

We will put someone else's needs first
Our lives will continue to be this way

My son too will need some form of care
Right now, later on, on this & every day

I will take pride in how he's cared for

I'll proudly stand & advocate; have a say
If it's not right, we'll work to fix it
This will be the case, on any given day.

So what to the full laundry basket
Never mind the dishes, they won't run away
If the sofa cushions need fluffing,
Save the straightening up for another day.

Whether an X paired with O... by itself...

Or the gene that made us who we are today
Dear Caregiver of Highest Honor:
You are a notch above, each y-ending day.


Dedicated to all of the tireless Moms in the fx community, & to all others who give care, or parent a person with special needs.
With love & respect, Happy Mother's Day-- every single day,
Hayden's Mom


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