Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the good, the bad, the ugly, & the BETTER

Well, the good news is that H sat on the toilet again over the weekend. Nothing happened, but he enjoyed his reward for sitting there (insert me rolling my eyes):

No, the bad news is not that nothing happened. The bad news was Monday following Thanksgiving Break. The teacher's entry in the morning journal said he did well-- they started the letter "Ss" and read Growing Vegetable Soup. The afternoon teacher had a different perspective. One of a loud child who was particularly hyperaroused that afternoon, and seemed to be having difficulty. His chart was the ugly part which indicated that he was screaming when the children were doing a holiday craft, so he had to be removed from the kindergarten room.

It makes me sad-- for him, for them, for me. We are now less than 18 hours away from the meeting I requested last month. I am at least thankful that Tuesday and Wednesday reports were BETTER.

(Except for the nurse alerting me that he's missing his kindergarten immunizations and he has two weeks to get them or ----)

But yesterday the kindergarten teacher actually noted:
"Hayden WOWED us today with cooperative behavior / 360 from yesterday"

Then today, both of the Aides sent home some more positivity:
"Hayden had a great morning! He is so excited to show you the story he has in his folder because there is money on page 7."
"Hayden had another great day!"

Lord willing the best is yet to come tomorrow. I'll report on the meeting either way...

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