Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

sorry streak

Ever since Hayden apologized to me last month, so heartfelt and sincere but more importantly for the first time in his life when it was absolutely appropriate, he now likes to throw out "sorrys" all the time.
Almost like someone who deliberately bumps into you, and then says excuse me.

For example Hayden will take my cup, usually without asking and even when he has his own water, have a sip and then dump out whatever is left. He'll walk away and as casually as I'd expect to hear a thank you, he'll say, "sorry mom".

Today he decided to throw half the contents of our living room over the Dutch door to the kitchen. The door is typical in height and size, except it does not have a top half for some reason.

Anyway, I do not know the order in which everything made it over (I was occupied in the restroom at the time), but here are some of the items that were on the floor (and explained the noises I thought I heard):
his life-size lion cub stuffed animal
two chairs from his kid table
a toy drill
a piece of wood
couch cushions
a throw blanket
and when I arrived at the scene, he was picking up a small area rug.

When he saw my face he started repeating, "sorry mom" in the same tone that he would say, "hi mom".

I told him that unless he says it like he means it, and shows me he's sorry by helping me to clean up, it's not an acceptable apology (that is, in language he understood). He did not like this very much.

I don't believe he was seeking any kind of sensory input when this happened, because he was perfectly calm when I told him I was going to the bathroom. There was a movie on, but he seemed more engrossed in playing with his trucks. There was no identifiable antecedent.

Ultimately I was unable to get him to help me clean the mess up, and out of frustration I (jokingly) muttered something about calling a taxi to come get him. Next thing I know he's got a computer case that he uses as a briefcase when he's playing "go to work", and he shoves a sweatshirt and undershirt in there and possibly a dirty pair of socks (in other words, things he had taken off and found on the floor).

So either he called my bluff, or he really wanted to leave. Hopefully not the latter, but something tells me he would have said sorry on his way out the door.

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