Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

exactly my point

I believe I mentioned something about the recent birthday party in my last post, for a boy in Hayden's (mainstream) kindergarten class. Dan and I were slightly concerned about the fact that it was a bowling party since the first time we tried that with him, it didn't go over very well. We took him bowling with my parents and he accepted wearing different shoes pretty well actually, but it's loud in there, a lot of people, lights etc, just an over-stimulating environment. Not to mention the waiting in between turns is not easy for H.

Well, at the birthday party his classmates were so happy to see him (the birthday boy even gave him a little hug), that we were optimistic this could go much better. Perhaps he would follow their lead and not be as affected by other factors.

Overall Hayden did very well, but he did become anxious and upset near the end of the first game. The break for a pizza lunch helped, but we could see H sort of having this internal struggle between wanting to be there but having a tough time handling it. A few of the other classmates were noticing, just glancing every now and then. Not mean or anything... they are somewhat accustomed to his occasional behaviors from school, so it's not different. But if I was in their shoes, I would notice too. Especially at that age.

There was a lesson for me in all of this aside from the fact that we need to keep including him, and the worst thing we could have done is kept H home just because we knew it might be difficult for him. So that wasn't even an option.

But the real learning experience...
I emailed some pictures to the birthday boy's mom. She sent a message back to thank me for sending them, and also replied, "
I'm glad Hayden had a good time, [he] really likes him so if you want to ever get the boys together for a play date let me know."

I cried.

Granted I was just watching this episode of Parenthood where the character of the kid with autism has a play date with a classmate who is in a wheelchair... not to mention I'm nauseous with anxiousness over a meeting tomorrow... but still. This is exactly my point per my previous post. Hayden needs to be around other kids, and other kids do enjoy being around Hayden. They really do.

The first thing Hayden said to me when he woke up this morning, was, "Thank you for coming to my party"... as in valentine's party for the kindergarten class. Emphasis on the word class.

I hope I have something else positive to report on, following our meeting tomorrow to finally iron-out this MD program situation. We've been summoned to the principal's office to speak with him and a member of the CST.

I hope they've heard my point.

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