Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

think first, share second

Parents of a child with special needs never need to be reminded of everything they have to worry about.

The most prevalent concern is their child's future. Other challenges will come and go, but the future available to their son or daughter may forever haunt them until the day they leave this earth.

I refuse to believe that the best my son has to look forward to is a lonely life in his golden years. If I went around focusing on that, I'd have to medicate myself to numb the pain.

I do accept that my son will have a happy, fulfilling life. People like Hayden, and Hayden likes people. That will never change.

I wish that the other people-- the ones who don't think before they share depressing, unproductive thoughts-- kept their thoughts where no one else can hear them.
I am sharing mine because they're worth listening to.

You have a tough day? Vent. I do. It's healthy. But don't go around making definitive statements that circumstances will never change. It's one thing to raise awareness, and another to raise fear.

Do you really think society would have come this far if we focused on the latter?

We are all in a much more optimistic place than any generation before us. And our children have reason to be, too. In the meantime, while we spend our waking hours advocating, thinking, preparing, and so forth... I hope we all agree on the end goal.

Our children will have unprecedented opportunities.

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