Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the pleasure is all mine

So Hayden has a pet fish now (it was a clever favor from a friend's birthday party) and its name is Drake.

After school today, I caught Hayden when he was just about to drop an apple in the little fish bowl. We have already explained to him on several occasions that he can not put his fingers or hands in there. (Day Two he dropped in an entire canister of fish flakes.)

Minutes later I brought Drake to a different room following H dropping a large sticker in his bowl, me having to take it out, and then H sticking his hand in there trying to catch the terrified goldfish.

His behavior sort of went downhill after that, and ultimately he ended up in a time-out for not listening to me. Oh, and for wiping his hand on the front of my shirt after I told him to take his hand out of Drake's bowl.

Hours later, I was putting laundry in the dryer and H came in the room and said something about "show me" and "house". Not sure what words were in between, but he was reaching for my hand to lead me.
I told him to hang on a minute, I went to put a new box of tissues in the bathroom, and then followed him to the living room.

He started fidgeting with something and I finally asked him what he wanted to show me. With that I looked around and realized the entire living room was clean.

I guess that was his way of saying sorry. I thanked him and told him I was very proud of him. Then he helped me put some of the laundry away in his room by sorting socks.

I thanked him some more and he said, "my pez-er."
My pleasure
Unbelievable this kid.

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