Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today's UPP is Pull-Up.

(you're about to witness a different mood...)
we knew to expect toileting delays but sometimes expected things, are still unexpected. 

Initially he didn't mind sitting on it at all. As a matter of fact, he was proud to. Then the novelty of the whole thing wore off, because nothing ever happened.

So we've decided to celebrate this hot, humid memorial weekend by spending time in the coolest room in the house.

Our intention was to begin as soon as he woke up, but that was at about half past this-is-entirely-too-early-for-me-to-function-yet. 
Hayden pulled himself onto our bed (it's a little high for him), and his bright-eyed face smiled at mine, "hi mom! moooom....wake?" He lay down next to me and pulled the sheet up. "Fun! Best party!" (hanging out in a bed is always a slumber party...)

But he tolerated most of a potty training video...better than we did. Ugh... that narrator... I wanted to throw a roll of toilet paper at her face. Her exaggerated smiles and overly expressive eyes and eyebrows were more irritating than a diaper rash.

So we started after breakfast instead, and following last night's pep talk it seemed okay. He understood that sitting on the toilet = doughnut hole (a.k.a. prize). I would recap what we'd do, and he'd finish the sentence for me. 

He happily sat on the toilet and we showed him his chart, and he seemd to be having fun, and even though ultimately nothing happened... he completed all the steps. So we moved those magnets over to the sunny "done" side of the tree. 

But the next attempt, after having drank enough water to give us a chance, we didn't get far enough to move any magnets over to the sunny side. But he flushed to signal he was done. I tried to explain we only do that if there is something in there to flush.

Same with the time after that-- no magnets to move. But he flushed.

Finally following lunch he sat, but for only a few seconds and then clearly communicated that he was done. Guess how? 

It's only the first half of Day One of boot camp. Trying to stay focused on the sunny side of the tree. 

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