Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Monday, May 23, 2011


Most of the time when H wakes up in the morning he stays in bed and I can hear him tabbling (talk + babble), or playing with toys. Usually he will wait until one of us comes in to get him, before he leaves his room. This was always the routine when he was too young to just get up on his own, so I suppose he's just used to it.

This morning I slowly opened the door like I usually do, and he was on his bed with his toy laptop. He looked at me and smiled. Most days he just wakes up perfectly happy. (He may have my genes, but there are some slight differences in our personalities.) 

I sat on the floor beside his bed and I was looking at him through the net of the side bumper (which he doesn't really need, but he likes having it there). He laughed and tabbled something, but I definitely heard "net". I said, "you know the word net? good talking." And I sort of brushed my hand from his forehead up into his hair and messed it up a little. He was laughing but he said to me, "stop mom! 'noying!" 

I smiled and said, "annoying? Who taught you that?!" Nearly laughing he said, "Pop Z". I said, "Poppa Z taught you the word annoying?" And I started tickling his neck and he was laughing and I said, "is this annoying?" And he was still laughing... and then when he had enough, he held up his hand and said, "Stop mom. Back bed. Need rest." He put his head down on his pillow, pulled the blanket up, and then two seconds later sat up again. He exclaimed, "Me wake!" 

I am going to be late for work today because I could not stop myself from blogging about this. This new back and forth ability to have conversations with us literally feels like a daily blessing. 

Hayden's 5th birthday came and went last year and he was still barely speaking. But a couple of months later, for whatever reason, his language just started pouring out of him. Even though it was still gradual, suddenly he was making a lot of progress in a very short amount of time. That September his teachers were just floored. 

I know H...he'll do everything when he's ready. And not before. No rush. 

(Except to get to work...)

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