Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Saturday, May 28, 2011

shall we have this potty dance?

afternoon attempt...

He was eager this time, and he wanted to get on and off by himself. 

When he did that once but didn't actually go, we said that was a good job and decided it was still doughnut-worthy. 

But then he wanted to get on the toilet again. So there he was holding on to the sides with locked elbows and white knuckles... and wearing a very nervous smile. 

We promised him he could let go and relax and he would not fall in. 

We offered a car magazine, but he prefered Dan's rap. Accompanied with a non-traditional potty dance. 

Finally after three or four times of getting on and off the toilet, which he narrated to point out that he was doing it "myself" (uh my heart is melting) his posture became more natural. 

He was clapping and said, "you proud?" I choked up for a second but I guess the look on my face said enough as he leaned forward to hug me. (And thankfully didn't pee on me as everything was still exposed)

He got cookies on top of doughnuts :) 

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