Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Sunday, June 5, 2011

anything worthwhile is rarely easy

the toilet training is not going so well in recent days.

there are tears involved.

I know these kids are expected to succeed at this. I know he will. Hayden does everything when he's ready and not before. There is already a long list of accomplishments that I was originally so discouraged about him mastering, and he never ceases to prove me wrong.

We went to an FX conference in Brooklyn this past weekend. One of the presenters said that they worked with a man who did not speak. When he was 32 years old he began using expressive language.

You can't put a time frame on anything.

At six months old we wondered why H wasn't sitting up, but 2 months later he was ready. At a year we wondered when or if he would crawl. But 3 months later he was ready. At eighteen months we hoped he would walk soon. And a month later he was ready.

One winter evening in February of 2007 we stood him up against the couch, and he nearly walked clear across the living room. Frankenstein's monster style. It was awesome.

He was delayed transitioning from a bottle to a cup, but he did it! He was delayed drinking with a straw, but he did it!

Delayed in most aspects. Yet constantly progressing.

The day he sits on that toilet and goes, this child is going to be so unbelievably praised I almost wonder if we'll be able to get him out of the bathroom.

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