Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Monday, June 6, 2011

back to the toileting board

thank goodness! 

Finally got H to sit again tonight. For days I have been telling him I have prizes and presents, and finally I said "toys" so he wouldn't think it was just more doughnuts. 

I could tell he was happy and he repeatedly asked me, "see it?" I said, "sure- just sit on the toilet first. Then I will give you a new toy."

At bed time he was finally ready to humor us again. And I gave him his first toy reward-- a double decker bus from the Cars 2 movie. He was very excited and while sitting on the toilet he pushed it up the wall, and then drove it across his lap, and was all smiles.

I hope this was enough of an incentive to keep moving in the right direction. As we were putting him to bed, I reminded him there are more. He said, "me 'cited!" I said, "you should be excited! Next time try to put pee in the toilet and you'll be even happier." 

This just might work. And if we take a few steps back again, at least now I know he can rebound. 

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