Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Saturday, July 30, 2011

better late than never... whenever late is

Hayden didn't finish his eggs this morning, but they were already re-heated and leftover from yesterday. So as I was browsing through the newest posts in the closed Fragile X group on fb, I had what was left of his breakfast. He sat down next to me with his own fork, so I stopped eating but he never took a bite. I suppose he was just in the mood to copy me. 

A little while later I went to grab a tissue from the bathroom and didn't mean to pull two out, so I gave one to my shadow. He put it over his nose and made a raspberry sound into it with his mouth. He threw it in the garbage can, and kept his foot on the pedal to hold it open for me.

A couple minutes after that I headed into my bedroom and he said, "where you going mom?" 
"I have to use the bathroom," I answered. "I'll be right out," I said.
"Me, too!" he exclaimed. "Me go bathroom!" And he ran to his bathroom.

I was less than a minute behind him and when I walked in, sure enough, he was on the toilet. Naked from the waist down with his shorts on the floor, and a whole bunch of toilet paper next to them. 

As usual he beamed when I told him how proud I was, and also as usual, he asked, "Get pize now?"

Thankfully when I was picking up some work pants for Dan yesterday I saw a cute t-shirt for Hayden. He was already wearing it because he found the shopping bag this morning after he woke up. I said, "you're wearing your prize-- that's your new shirt!" (I typically like to wash everything before it even touches his skin but I decided this could be an exception.)

He sat there and scrunched and smiled. Nothing went in the toilet, again, but when something drips or drops in one of these days... and he's rewarded like a king... I think we'll have a pull-ups bonfire.

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