Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Sunday, July 10, 2011

if it's his idea, it's a good idea

This morning, Hayden noticed a bag behind my nightstand. It has been there for quite some time, but for some reason he first noticed it today. 

This is the bag that "potty prizes" are in. I allowed him to be curious and look in it. He asked me about it, and I explained (as I have so many times before) that he gets one present when he sits on the toilet. But I didn't ask him to.

On his own terms, he went into his bathroom. He walked around and started talking about laundry, and the shower, and taking a bath, and anything else he could think of. Then, he sat on the toilet with his shorts still pulled up. 

Eventually he sat the correct way, and he wanted his prize while he was there. So with two anxious hands and one very big smile, he unwrapped a cars 3-pack.

Dan called on his way home from golf and said he was stopping for coffee. I told him that H sat on the toilet this morning, so he picked up an edible trophy (of sorts) for him.

Hayden was in his glory. I don't know how he fit that in after eating a spinach and cheese omelette, 6 fish sticks (don't ask), and 2 bags of granola bites this morning... but if it's an important enough prize such as a sacred glazed chocolate doughnut, he finds room I guess.

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