Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

wait, there's more...

When I picked H up from daycare, his teacher said he wanted to sit on the toilet after water play when they were changing him into dry clothes. 
She said he sat there for quite a while and didn't want to get up (not myyy kid).

So I told H I was very proud of him. And since Dan was playing golf after work anyway, when we got in the car I asked him what he wanted for dinner. 

I suggested "crust" (pizza). I could tell he was quite happy about this but tried to act nonchalant. 

I placed the order while we were at a traffic light, and they said about 45 minutes (we'd be home in 10). 

60 Seconds later I'm approaching the shopping center where there's a drive-thru, and Hayden starts yelling, "Gonalds! Gonalds!" 

I told him that we didn't need to stop at McDonalds, because I just ordered the crust.

"Peeeeease! Peeeeease!" he begged.

About an hour and change later after he had consumed a 6-piece kids meal and about 1 1/2 slices of pizza, there was plenty of grease and tomato sauce to clean off of his hands and face. (Luckily he has his father's metabolism.)

While I was practically bathing him with wipes, I said, "Wow-- you had a big, huge dinner! A very special dinner! Do you remember why? What did you do that I am so proud of you?"

He leaned into me, wrapped his arms around my neck and happily exclaimed, "Potty!"

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