Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

hope doesn't have rules

Yesterday H told me when he needed to be changed. Just once, not every time he needed to be changed, but the time it bothered him enough that he wanted to be cleaned up I suppose.

He walked over to me and said, "eeew! stinks!" Then he grabbed his nose and said, "poop!" 

Well, he was correct and I praised him for telling me it was time. 

He repeated back to me while I was cleaning him up, "You proud me?" And I smiled as I lowered my face to his, and then kissed him on his forehead and anywhere else that his hands weren't blocking. 

So after his babysitter left, when he was begging me to take him to DD, I agreed. 

The people who work there know him and before we even ordered he was handed a glazed munchkin. Then I asked for a glazed chocolate doughnut (a very recent, new favorite that surprised me and Dan). 

In the time it took me to order a medium iced decaf with milk and two splenda, he had eaten half and accidentally dropped the other one on the floor.

Of course the man behind the counter gave him a new one, so I told him to keep the change when we paid. 

I silently made a wish on my iced coffee that Hayden alerting me to the fact that he needed to be changed, would not be an isolated incident.

Then as we were walking to my truck-- this child, who typically refuses to drink anything but water-- stopped and asked for a sip!   
Granted I forgot his sippy cup, and he may have been THAT thirsty, but don't ruin my wish.

Here's to hoping...


  1. I hope my boys tell me one day! right now they act like they have no idea, and are annoyed with me for interrupting whatever they were doing.... how old is Hayden?

  2. THEY WILL! He is already six. He'll sit on the toilet, but nothing ever happens. Days like this give me hope, that it will.