Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Monday, July 11, 2011


In recent weeks, bedtime routine involves two new patterns. First, when Dan & I tell H we love him, we're trying to get him to say it back. Occasionally he will when we remind him, but usually we'll get another "peace out" from him. Or we'll say, "love you," and in precisely the same tone he'll answer, "love me!"

The other new pattern is that he wants me to keep him company when he's (supposed to be) falling asleep. 

He usually gestures for me to lay on the right side, and he'll lay... or sit up... or stand... or jump... or squirm... or kick... on the left side of the bed. 

I always have my eyes closed in an attempt to encourage him to do the same (albeit unsuccessful). But I listen to his conversations as he typically pretends to be talking on the phone. Even when he's so tired that he's yawning through his own stories. 

When he returned home from morning program at summer school today, and finished lunch, within about an hour he started to look exhausted. 

I had a little more work to do so I tossed him a blanket and his monkey pillow pet, and suggested he take a nap. When I finished, he was joined by three bears, two standard pillows, a pile of his little blankies (mostly miscellaneous pieces of fabric he likes to cuddle with), and his other pillow pet-- the dog.

I asked him if he wanted me to take a nap next to him, and he happily scrunched (as Dan & I call it). Scrunching is when he's very excited and anxious (but not in a hyper way), and he sort of channels his energy in his two clasped hands beneath his face. A teacher at the daycare once offered a funny description when she said, "he looked like he was scheming" (upon noticing the DD munchkins that another child brought in for their birthday).

When I was comfortably positioned on the floor next to him, he said, "Best Mom!" 
And I said my line, "You're the best kid!"

And then, for the first time in his life (and mine) he voluntarily offered, "Yuv you!" 

Today Hayden lost his other big front tooth when we were play-wrestling. It fell out on its own, and I texted every member of my family with the good news! (Compared to the dramatic scenario I blogged about at my niece's 1st birthday party.) 

But that is now secondary to the real reason why I'll always remember July 11th of 2011.