Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

change of subject

This place could use an UPP following recent posts.

I want to record, so I do not forget, nor lose motivation on tougher days... how fantastic Hayden has been doing with his homework.

(I thought if I put the word "homework" in the title, it wouldn't seem like an UPP)

Tonight's daily assignment was a worksheet on a story about butterflies. The worksheet has four squares, each with one simple picture. They are out of sequence.

The first step is already numbered 1, and has a caterpillar egg on a leaf. Steps 2, 3, and 4 are a caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly respectively.

I had to number them for Hayden, but I did talk with him about the steps. I asked him what the caterpillar turns into, and he said, "fly bug!" I said, "Yes! Butterfly!"

A few minutes later I asked him again, and this time I said, "Butter-" and he said, "fly! fly!" He also colored a little bit in the squares.

My favorite part was when he pulled out an Elmo coloring book with bug stickers. He went hunting in a specific bin for it-- he knew he had it, he knew where it was, and he knew it was relevant. I had absolutely no recollection of this particular coloring book!

Meanwhile, there is a sticker page in that book, and I encouraged him to share them with his classmates tomorrow.

To further add to my excitement, all of this occurred before Dan even got home. That is quite impressive because our routine has been doing homework at the dinner table. I don't really care if something he hands in gets a little bit dirty, because this happens to be a time when he listens and attends well, and participates. So I'm running with it...

Besides, it's only his second dinner. The first dinner is a small meal after school around 4ish, and the second dinner is a couple of hours later when Dan gets home and has his. (Hayden is a social eater.) 

But wait! There's more! Hayden completed part of his weekly homework at the dinner table, too!

Here are examples of some of the tasks, and our efforts modified for Hayden:

Task: Help your child think of words that rhyme with cat.
Effort: We used clues to help Hayden think of "hat" and "bat".

Task: Ask your child to tell you how 3 clothing items are alike and different.
Effort: We asked Hayden an open-ended question when he needs his hat, shoes, and jacket. He answered when he's going "outside".

Task: Tell your child a make-believe story, and have them re-tell it to you. Ask what makes the story make-believe.
Effort: Hayden told us a story about our neighbor playing golf in a green hat. He was playing golf with Dad, and Dad won the game.

Task: Help your child think of actions that animals and people can do.

Effort: Hayden told us that animals can play on our lawn.

Proud UPP moments, for sure.


Although he tried to close the bus doors before he even got on the bus this morning, he did at least get on. No Ted E. Bear overnight guest tonight, so fingers crossed for tomorrow morning...
Although, Dan gets him on the bus on Thursdays, so he'll be just fine. Hayden typically prefers to save his more colorful behaviors for his mother.
I guess I'm just lucky.

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