Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Monday, September 12, 2011


A new day, a different mood. And so it goes with Hayden.
Today, it was a near 180 from yesterday so this time that's a good thing.

I was preparing a peanut chicken recipe, and Hayden asked for some peanut butter. I gave him small spoon with a little bit on it, and he wanted the whole jar. I didn't see the harm in it, because I figured he'd be gagging before he could manage to do too much damage with it.

He touched the spoon to his mouth, I think he actually tasted the tip of it, and then he casually wiped it across his chin. It was all downhill from there.

Soon enough, he had given himself a peanut butter facial. Then both hands were in the jar. Then he took them out, and put his foot in.

Shortly after that, the gagging started so I put an end to the afternoon sensory activity.

He got a bath, and so did my kitchen, and then a small load of wash went in the machine on a double-rinse cycle. 

I was two sheets shy of finishing an entire roll of paper towel when it was all said and done.

But this picture speaks volumes to just how well he tolerated that sticky stuff all over him for several minutes. And it almost makes me want to put him between two pieces of bread.

That was the first treat of the evening. The second one, was just how well... amazingly well... he handled his homework. I am still in shock.

Every Monday his kindergarten teacher will send home a small booklet, with five simple tasks on the back. The booklet stays at home during the week, and he should complete one task each night. Then the booklet is returned the following Monday.

Day One he is supposed to write his name on the front, and then find the pictures of the rhyming words. Although he didn't focus to find the pictures, he did listen when I read the rhyming words to him. Furthermore, he actually attempted to write his name on the front, and while he was making his scribbles I prompted him to spell his name.

He truly knows the order of the letters! He has a tough time saying "h", but he can say "a" and then "y" and then the "de" are sort of together, and he makes the sound of an "n".

He was doing so well, I couldn't help myself to try another task on the back of the booklet. Day Two says to have your child draw a picture on a sheet of paper, and tell me about it.

I drew a very simplified dollar bill to get him started. He "colored it in" all by himself. He sort of filled in the center, and then deliberately put scribbles by the $1 in the corner.

Then I asked him to show me what one dollar is with his money, and he took one of the singles that was on the table and he placed it on the picture. I thought I was going to cry.

Then he turned the page over, scribbled some more (I think he was attempting to do his name again), and then put his hand down flat so I could trace it.

Then Dan asked Hayden which one is his right hand, and left hand (Hayden actually held up his left hand and separated his fingers). Dan asked him other left vs right questions, and then ended with, "Which one is your left foot?" Hayden reached under the table to grab his left foot and lift it up.

I know this is NOT going to be the case every night we do homework. But for now, I really want to enjoy this. The whole thing was such a treat for us to witness. I wish I had a surveillance camera in the corner of my kitchen.

His unpredictability can certainly work both ways!

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