Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Friday, September 16, 2011

worth their weight in platinum

Following Back to School night, I had emailed Hayden's team about something. The special ed teacher that he works with in the resource room, in the morning, emailed me back. This is part of her message:

"I really enjoyed seeing you and I am glad to see two parents that are absolutely and totally invested in their child's education and future. Anytime you can provide me with information or little techniques that you use at home that seem to work please pass them along. I am here to make Hayden's school experience as positive as I possibly can."

There was more, and then a P.S. :

"You and your husband are the kindest people I have met. I am looking forward to working together this year."

Whatever they are getting paid, it's not enough. Well, they're educators so unfortunately we know it's not enough. And needless-to-say budget cuts are not helping. But maybe the problem with our Governor is that he never had a teacher like this for himself, growing up.

I wish every child I knew was blessed with a team like Hayden's.


  1. Love it! Makes such a difference when your teacher is ready, willing and able!

  2. all the difference in the world-- that's for sure!