Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

H started K!

If he is not one of the most handsome kindergarteners you have ever seen, then you should go to the eye doctor.

Huge milestone today... welcome to kindergarten! 

Yes, I had to send him with pull-ups and wipes. Yes, I had to send him with a change of clothes because it's not uncommon for him to need one. Yes, I had to send him with a handkerchief in case he forgets to swallow and has some drool on his chin. Yes, he is the same age as most first graders but he just started kindergarten today.

And quite honestly in comparison to the fantastic day he had, I could not care less about any of that other stuff!

So the whole transportation situation was still a little bit screwy. The bus driver called the house this morning to confirm whether or not he was supposed to pick Hayden up.

(insert me rolling my eyes)

Two of the Aides were waiting for him out front when I dropped him off. I snapped a few quick pics with my phone, and texted it to half of my contacts :)

He was due home around 3:30. At 20 after, I was on my way to peek out the window when I heard Hayden. The bus driver was early and had already walked him to the front door. Apparently the other child he drives is out at the moment, recovering from having his tonsils removed.

Hayden honestly arrived home wearing an even bigger smile than the beaming one across his face this morning.

Within minutes of him walking in the door, he asked for a hot dog. While it was cooking, he grabbed the fish sticks out of the freezer. He was a man on a mission, and even though the hot dog would be ready in 30 seconds I quickly popped 8 fish sticks in the toaster oven. After he inhaled the hot dog, while the fish was still cooking, he actually took the turkey meatballs out of the refrigerator. He ate two. COLD.

And yes, he then proceeded to finish the fish. (Not to mention three hours later he had some of the pork I made in the slow cooker.)

Gosh I am jealous of his metabolism. 

Anyway, while he was having his little food fest the phone rang and I saw the school come up on the caller ID.

It was his PM Aide, and she said he had a great day and he was so happy to see everyone. She went on and on for a couple of minutes as I soaked up the proud news. She also mentioned they accidentally forgot to put his communication notebook in his backpack so they'd send it home tomorrow. Then his K teacher got on the phone, and sang similar praises. She also suggested I reconsider having Hayden take the bus TO school as well.

I hesitated, until she reminded me that door-to-door transportation is in his IEP so it's already budgeted that way. For that reason alone, we should use it. She has a very good point... and especially considering this year is so different because there are no preschoolers at that school anymore. Interestingly enough, due to budget cuts. She didn't have to explain any further and I called the bus driver when we got off the phone.

I am certain I will have a stomach ache tomorrow morning, but I know it will make things easier for everyone. I do love checking in with a member or two of his team in the morning, and I will miss that, but maybe I will grow to love the extra getting-ready time even more.

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