Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hayden was having an off-day today.

He woke up fine, and happy as usual. And he knew that Dan was going to take him out for their weekly breakfast. He got a little bit impatient waiting for Dan, because he needed to take care of a couple things this morning before they left. But once it was time to leave, for the most part Hayden seemed ready to go.

I started straightening up the house for a showing. I went through the bedrooms and bathrooms, and left the living room as-is for the time being. We still had a couple of hours before the showing.

I sat down on the sofa to watch some coverage of the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. I was certain I heard Hayden's voice which didn't make sense to me.

There were a lot of windows open since the weather cooled. I stood up to look out one of them, but before I got close enough I heard the voice again and knew they were definitely home.

When they arrived at the diner, Hayden did not want to go inside. So Dan ordered Hayden's breakfast to go and then they came home. Hayden was very upset when they got here.

We left his breakfast on the table for him but it took him quite some time to settle, and actually sit and eat it. Occasionally he would let out a very frustrated sort of whiney-cry, and say, "eggies!"

I did not understand what the problem was, because he had eggs. A plain omelet to be exact. Dan orders him fries with it (Hayden would never eat hashbrowns), and he was eating some of the fries. But every couple of minutes Hayden repeated that aggravated "eggies!" 

Finally Hayden said, "cut it!" I felt awful and I immediately praised him for "good talking", went to stand, but Dan was already up and going to get a butter knife. Once the eggs were cut, he finally ate some.

Really out of the norm for him, that he could not organize himself to say that in the first place. I would not have expected him to start eating with the fork even though a typical kid his age, I'm sure, would have just cut the omelet with the fork. But I would expect Hayden to ask me to cut them once he sat down to eat in the first place.

Even though the rest of the day followed a similar pattern, there was really only one other true meltdown. I feel bad when he gets like that, and I feel bad for the frustration this causes not only him but Dan as well. And some days, even though it's not my "fault"... I HATE that I passed this gene to him.

I just want him to be comfortable and happy, for as many minutes out of every day as he possibly can.

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