Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Friday, September 9, 2011

we're so grown up!

Note from the K teacher:

"Hi Mrs. Capela,
H.C.'s week went wonderful. I am encouraging him to spell his name out loud and hold a writing instrument. On Fridays I have one-on-one time with him [& the Aide] and I love it. Period 3 from 10:25 to 11:06. He is a chatter chatter. WOW"

[insert two green smiley face stickers]

Note from the Special Ed teacher:

"Hayden is doing very well in my class. We worked on creating our All About Me booklets. He seems to have settled nicely and enjoys playing with the other kids. The only problem we had was when we played Memory. He was having a difficult time with the concept of taking turns [not my H] which he will get used to when he becomes more familiar with these types of games. Hayden had a very good week this week. I hope he continues to have more good weeks."
[From your mouth to His ears!]

H's first homework assignment was on an index card attached to a paper bag. It said to help your child put a favorite item in there, and write clues to help his classmates guess what it is. Hayden wanted to put his bike in the bag, but we decided on a small green flute instead. His clues were:
1. my item makes music
2. my item works using my mouth
3. my item starts with the letter "f"

Also, today was Spirit Day so the children were encouraged to wear Red, White, and Blue. At dinner this evening, Dan said he was coincidentally wearing the same red shirt today (a short sleeve 3-button collar one). He said that Hayden noticed this morning, and pointed to it, and said, "same". And then we both realized I had a red top on, too. Apparently we are a very spirited family.

Then when I was going through his Kindergarten folder, I saw a piece of paper that says, "Draw a picture of 2 things." The page has two ladybug stickers on it. Next to them, a note:
"H knew he needed 1 more to make 2"

Not every day is going to be like this, or every week. But I am definitely enjoying his great beginning of school, with a very new routine.

His successful week is distracting me from my nervousness over him taking the bus to school. But I am finding all sorts of things to do with my extra few minutes in the morning! The other day I packed myself lunch, yesterday I put eyeshadow on, and today I straightened up the living room.

(I smile at the thought of a much younger me reading this blog.)

Hayden and I have grown up so much.

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