Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

say cheese

Today is picture day at school, and I sure wish the only thing I had to worry about is the new mosquito bite on Hayden's face that seemed to appear some time during the night.

But I had to practically lie to him to get him on the bus this morning, and that is what I am worrying about. 

It was groundhog day all over again... he ran out to the bus, he stopped at the door, and wouldn't get on. He did not care that this was how Ted E. Bear had to get back to school. He did not care that he was wearing a very cool button down shirt for picture day. He did not care that I gave him two dollars this morning. The latter two often have a similar happy-effect on him, as a doughnut.

I pushed him up the steps while he fought me. He was mumbling a whole bunch of stuff, and at one point he said, "Pop Z come." This is when I became a bad person.

"You want Pop Z to come?"

Hayden slowed, stopped resisting me. Got a very thoughtful look on his face, and proceeded to his seat. Reluctantly.

In my own mind, I was calling myself a moron. He was now sitting on his seat, and I needed to think fast. 

"Well, remember it's picture day today..." I began, and buckled his seat belt. "So when they tell you to say cheese, you can say POP Z!"

I flew off that bus as fast as I could because I sensed his frustration setting in again.

I am already having doubts about tomorrow morning.

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