Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Sunday, August 7, 2011

and so it goes with fragile x

For every 'wow' day, there is a low day.

Hayden was clearly exhausted last night, yet he had a tough time getting settled for bed. We have our usual wind-down routine, and I also tried laying with him for a few minutes.

Eventually, after walking in and out of his room, he went to sleep about an hour or so past his typical bed time.

He slept a good amount-- at least ten hours. Sometimes it's closer to 11 but he woke up fine. 

He even sat on the toilet while Dan was getting ready to bring him to the diner for their weekly Sunday morning breakfast. 

And then, without warning, Hayden's switch was flipped. No antecedent, no signal-- just I'm suddenly not cooperating.

After much back and forth to get him to leave the house in the first place (partially motivated by being able to take Poppa Z's car), they finally left for breakfast.

I think they were gone about fifteen minutes, when I heard an upset, frustrated Hayden trying to unlock the front door.

I opened it and his face was red, dripping with tears, and snot-streaked.

I asked Dan what happened but I didn't really need to. When they got to the diner he couldn't get Hayden out the car.

Who knows.

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