Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Saturday, August 20, 2011

september preview

Hayden had kindergarten orientation last week. He was shy and a little confused when we arrived-- the parents of the kids in the AM kindergarten session were just finishing up their school visit. The group was congregated out front and the teacher was speaking with them. Their kids were taking a practice ride on the bus-- a part of orientation that I was not aware of, but I do think is very smart.

Hayden stayed behind one of the brick columns in the front of the school... watching the group from the side. The kids came back from their bus ride, and everyone began to disperse. Hayden was still standing beside me, behind the column. Then he started to walk off-- he definitely looked like he knew where he was going, but his mother sure didn't.

Then I saw what he saw: Mrs. L. She was his heaven-sent preschool teacher for 3 years, and would now be teaching one of the kindergarten classes. They have a strong bond and the mutual trust between them is very sweet. He will spend his mornings in a special ed room across the hall (the former preschool classroom), and his afternoons with Mrs. L.

We went inside the school to see the kindergarten room, and when prompted he found his name on the wall of balloon cut-outs. And then, his name tag on the table. He also has a coat hook and cubby reserved. (I hope they have some place discreet to hide his pull-ups.)

He was curious and played with a lot of stuff in the classroom-- leaving a little bit more of a trail than some of the other kids-- but the day went well for the most part. He enjoyed the practice bus ride on the big bus, although his door-to-door transportation will be on a smaller one or a school van. I believe there are 14 kids in his class--and three total kindergarten sessions this year. One in the morning and two in the afternoon. He has at least one friend from preschool in each K class so they're sort of dispersed, but some activities will be together. 

They each have an apple necklace with their name on it to wear the first week of school, and their bus number will be on the back. I am guessing one day during the first week he will also want to wear his new green T-shirt that one of his Aides just painted for him. His babysitter (her daughter) brought it with her yesterday-- it has his name across the top and a cute car underneath. She often arrives with some sort of little toy-- that family just adores him :)
And needless-to-say the feeling is mutual!

He has certainly grown a lot this summer-- developmentally and physically (despite the disappointing progress with toileting). I noticed that he now says "thank you mom" instead of just "thanks", and he is asking a lot of smart questions, and I would say some of his fine motor has improved. For example, putting on a shirt and just yesterday morning he opened up a cup of applesauce by himself. It is not easy to peel that foil off-- I was impressed! When I asked him how he opened it, he said, "with my hands".

Pretty amazing. Here's to hoping that his upcoming school year follows a similar pattern of progress.

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  1. Aww, this is awesome. Hope he has a wonderful school year!