Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Monday, August 8, 2011

weird day

I know I already blogged this morning because of the comic-relief thread in the closed Fragile X fb group, but I was holding off on posting something else until I knew whether or not it was a fluke. 

This morning Hayden wanted to sit on the toilet. And once he did, I noticed that he had clearly just started going to the bathroom before his diaper came off. I was exuberant. 

Nothing more came out after several minutes of sitting there, but I praised him as if it all happened on purpose. I knew he was not done going yet, and I was so hopeful that whenever he decided to finish he would go back to the bathroom. 

He ended up sitting on the toilet two more times today, but the 2nd time he sat he immediately asked for a prize so maybe he was just in the mood for a present. Nothing ever went in the toilet. The third time he sat for a couple minutes, but really it was a sly segue into something else. He stood up and removed the rest of his clothes, and stepped into the tub. It was two hours before his usual bathtime, but he was suddenly in the mood to be in the water (there's a shocker).

Well, in between these toilet attempts he was a bit of a nightmare today. I don't know what was going on with him, but it started with physical therapy this morning.

He was very happy to see her and ran outside to greet the P.T. before she even made it to the front door. The first 30 minutes or so, he attended beautifully. Rode the scooter, did a puzzle while bouncing on the ball, and something else which escapes me but he did well. 

But then he just got angry out of nowhere. It's one thing when Hayden just doesn't want to pay attention anymore and he'll go and do something else. But this was a borderline meltdown with no antecedent. He was fine when she left.

Later, we were off to speech. He gave phenomenal effort for the first 15-20 minutes, and then it was all downhill. I could tell how hard he was trying to say the vowel correctly that she kept prompting him to repeat... and I think after enough tries he just had it. I tried to encourage him and tell him how proud I was, and she just wanted one more vowel out of him before they played with the next toy. But I guess it was too little too late. He was done. 

Fast-forward several hours and after the third toilet attempt and then the early bath, he suddenly wouldn't let me put a diaper on him. I mean I literally had to wrestle with him. It was absurd. 

He wasn't constipated by the way, he did finish going to the bathroom earlier in the day. His appetite was pretty good, he drank plenty of water today, and he was certainly active. Too active.

So frustrating. 

Well, after all this I was equally fascinated and confused with his 180-degree turnaround after the PJs were on. He got a candle out of the pantry and wanted to do happy birthday. So we decided it was the chef's birthday. And then Hayden went and got his keyboard (and pretended) to play while I sang. Then he said "camma" (camera) and reached for my phone. I said, "OK, let's take pictures!" So we did:

About an hour or so later when we were in his bed as per our new bedtime routine, he brought a two-piece cube puzzle with him. He had been playing with it earlier. When you match both sides of the two cubes correctly, it will make the sound of that image. It's all transportation, so among the six sides there is a boat, an ambulance, a train, a firetruck, an airplane, and a motorcycle.

There we were on his bed in the near-dark, and he was unbelievably attentive. And patient. He would take one cube, find the image he wanted, and just kept turning the other one over and over in his hand, until he found the other half. And then he would say it: "me want pane!" (airplane) or "me hear boat" or "am-buh-ens!" (ambulance) ... a 3-syllable attempt! And I love that the latter was followed by "hospal!" I said, "Yes, the ambulance goes to the hospital!" And he said, "me want." I said, "no, you don't want to go in there. They drive people who got hurt." He asked how and I told him they put the person on a stretcher and drive them there. "How works?" he said.
"They strap them to the stretcher so they don't fall off."
Then he asked, "Hospal bed?"
"Yes, it's like a hospital bed."

He has an ambulance with a little stretcher and an EMT guy, so he knows. It was nice to hear him say it though and actually have a conversation.

Anyway, so I don't know why all of the Jekyll and Hyde business today but it would be really nice if Hyde hid himself more often.

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