Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Sunday, August 14, 2011

good news and bad news

I always like to absorb the bad news, then the good news.

So, the bad news is that Hayden peed on the bathroom floor right before his bath. I honestly don't think he had any idea what happened. He looked down because he felt his leg was wet, and his face was actually confused. 

I didn't know either, at first, and I asked, "What is that?" Then I realized. So as he was stepping into the tub I looked at him and asked, "Did you just pee on the floor? Why didn't you sit on the toilet? It's right there. That's what it's there for! You know that!" 

He looked at me with this face I can't quite explain-- it was a cross between I have absolutely no idea and it's a little funny, isn't it? But I'm sorry

I am guessing he did not even feel he had to go, or he wouldn't have taken off his clothes in the first place. That was rather frustrating because it sort of feels like a setback, even though he has yet to release anything into the toilet. At least this summer he has been sitting on it a lot.

Well the good news, that I am trying to enjoy, is a conversation we had earlier this evening (after bath).

I was prompting him to go to bed, and he was not cooperating. So I consciously suppressed my own impatience, went to my room, got on the bed, and said, "then let's sleep here." 

(He has never slept in our bed because he has zero interest and I certainly never encouraged it-- I know what a pain in the neck it is when kids get used to that routine!) 

"I get the left side," I shouted. I heard him following me, and he laughed as he tried to pull himself on Dan's side.

After he shook the sheets for a couple of minutes and released some of his hyper energy, he sort of rolled into me with his face in the pillow and mumbled, "Best friend!"

I said, "Yes, we'll always be best friends." Then he put his hands behind his head and I tried to follow his ADD as he talked about a million different subjects in a matter of minutes. Poppa Z, boat trailer, Dad, golf, Kayla (babysitter), Mongo (her car), Fluff (cousin Flora), and family. Dan is "Gad" and I'm "Mom". And my name is "Cawa". And I'm Gad's "wife". And apparently, Gad is my wife, too. I corrected him and said, "husband". Hayden repeated, "hubband!"

I said, who's my Dad? He said, "Poppa Z!" I said, "Poppa Z is your..." 

He said, "Gampa!" I said, "That's right! And you have two grandpas. Who is your other grandpa?" He correctly answered, "Al!"

When we finished our conversation, I finally got him to follow me to his room.

As we were walking, he told me that was fun and he had the best time in there.

Kids with FX are difficult... they are quite difficult. And sometimes draining. But they sure are easy to love.