Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

we were THIS close

After bath and PJs, H and I watched a little bit of the Yogi Bear movie because it happened to be on TV (and we're both sick of Nick Jr).

I got up to go to the bathroom and H followed me. Before I even sat down to pee, he had his pajama bottoms around his ankles and was starting to remove the diaper. I told him to hang on so I could go, and he did, so immediately after I encouraged him to have his turn.

I suppose because we were in the masterbath he said, "mines". (He sometimes adds an "s" to "mine"... because "yours and mines". Logical, actually.) I said, "you can use this bathroom, too!"

I waited a couple of minutes as he sort of lingered there, with the twig and berries exposed, and his pants around his ankles. Then I decided I should really go and get a diaper to put on him before I regret it.

When I came back all of 30 seconds later, he looked at me and grabbed his nose and said, "stinks! pee!"  Sure enough there's a small puddle on the bathroom floor...RIGHT in front of the toilet.

I am angry that I went to get that diaper! We may have had our first real breakthrough...

I'll never know whether or not he actually felt that he had to go, or if it was a coincidence. I'll never know whether or not he was trying to stand and pee like his Dad, or if the position of the puddle was a coincidence.

But I do know... we were THIS close!

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