Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Friday, August 5, 2011

I thought my blog could use another UPP

The transmission went on my husband's car (I suppose that's not exactly an UPP, but keep reading) so we borrowed my dad's this week. It's Hayden's favorite. 

Hayden likes to give his favorite things a lot of attention. A few days ago he was cleaning it with a washcloth for no apparent reason. The other day after it rained he grabbed a bed sheet and dried it. Then he tried to cover the hood with it:

It wouldn't stretch as much as he wanted but you'll notice he got the sideview. (My apologies, I can't seem to get the picture to rotate.) He told me he wanted to "keep car nice".

Anyway so the next time we went to use it, his shoes got a little wet walking from the house to the car. And when Hayden shimmied himself into his booster seat, he stepped on the edge of the backseat leaving a few blades of grass and some specs of dirt.

He pointed to it and wanted me to clean it. I can not even name how many substances this child has gotten on my backseat, my front seat (sometimes he plays in the driveway, sans keys), the floor, the dashboard, the windows, the doors...and whatever other parts I am not thinking of. But heaven forbid a few blades of grass are on the seat in Poppa Z's car...

He really is a car snob. Just like my dad said. (If you saw the blog post from the other day, I drive a Chevy and my father has a Cadillac-- which I don't think most people would be able to tell from that picture.)

I've missed blogging about a few other instances here and there-- such as Hayden riding his tricycle naked on the way to the bathroom when I was getting his bath ready last night, or this morning when he flushed the toilet so I would get out of the shower, or when I caught him standing on a chair in front of the kitchen sink shaving his face with dishsoap and a paintbrush earlier--
but I'll try to be better about keeping up with his ideas :)

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