Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today was Hayden's last official weekly daycare attendance. Moving forward, he may have some visits when school has scheduled closings, and he may attend again next summer... but he has officially aged-out of the regular program. 

It was surreal picking him up today. I was thinking about the fact that he was still drinking from a bottle when he started going there, and had severe separation anxiety for months where we'd both be crying at drop-off. There were also a couple of Early Intervention therapists who sometimes worked with him at the daycare Center. I even remember that the teachers in the toddler room had a picture of Poppa Z on the wall to make H feel more comfortable. :)

He arrived with DD doughnuts this afternoon to celebrate the monumental occasion with the other kids. I don't know how much he fully understood that it was his last weekly visit. He also didn't agree that we should capture the moment:
Well, I tried.

Though he did get a very sweet parting note:

"Dear Hayden,

It has been such a joy being one of your teachers @ the Center & I am so proud of the things you've learned & the growth you've demonstrated. You are such a warm, smiling, wonderful presence at our Center. I wish you the best of luck in your school year, and look forward to your visits!"

They sent home some of his (what they call) Observation Slips as well. Here are some highlights of recent happenings:

  • Hayden painted a card & picture for Father's Day. As he took each different paint, he would say the colors & then carried around the finished product saying, "for Dad!"
  • Hayden was in the play kitchen with 3 classmates. He set out plates for each friend & put food on each & said, "eat!"
  • Hayden was playing on the climber on the playground. He saw that several children were making a train near the slide, & he figured out how to join in.
  • Hayden was taking his shoes & socks off, & putting them back on!
  • Hayden examined new stuffed animals in the classroom, picked one up, & correctly said, "chicken!"
  • One of Hayden's classmates was asking for the teacher to pass a bowl to her. Hayden heard & got the bowl for the friend.
  • Hayden was playing in the art area. He took paper & markers & said, "to write"
  • Hayden wanted to sit and watch cars pass, but did not want to sit on the wet ground. He got 3 buckets, lined them up, & used them as a seat.
  • Hayden recognized his parents car pulling into the parking lot. He then walked to the door. 
  • Hayden was getting hot outside. He took a drink of water & poured the remainder on his hands. He said, "this feels good!"
  • Hayden helped friends clean up block area. He would pick up blocks, and helped put them on the shelf with similar blocks.
  • Hayden was taking cards in & out of alphabet pockets. He would identify some of the pictures on the cards.

    Really great stuff...
    Understanding direction... demonstrating imagination... interactive play... good motor skills... correct identification... responding to needs of others... knowing what comes next/ routine recognition... showing self-help skills... teamwork...

    Not at all surprising, but impressive at the same time.

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