Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Monday, August 8, 2011

You know Fragile X when...

There is always a new 'trend' on fb, and last week it was "You know you're from [     ] when..." pages. So for example, "You know you're from NJ when you've never pumped your own gas"

There must be a page started for everyone's hometown by now. So someone made a joke and posted in one of the closed fragile x fb groups "You know Fragile X when..." 

It would take a separate blog to post all of the great ones. Here's an excerpt from my favorite one posted by a parent:

"...if the Principal of your local grammar school calls you at work to come pick up your (just turned) three year-old son from school. In a very shaky voice, she explained to me that he had pulled the fire alarm outside of his classroom sending the Police and Fire Departments (including all the volunteer fire fighters from their "real" jobs since we live in a small, rural town) to the school which had been evacuated. The Principal called my precious little trouble maker to her office, sat him in a chair and tried to explain about the dangers of doing such a thing. However, he kept laughing and couldn't stop. To make it even worse he still had balance issues so when he would get laughing that hard, he would end up tipping over in the chair and she'd have to get up and "right" him. Hence she called me so that, "I could take care of the situation." Not to say that my kid had anything to do with it, but the Principal retired the following year..."

Here's my contribution:

You know fragile X when...
input is an action, not information
sensory makes u think of issues vs an aromatic experience
repeats does not remind you of music or sitcoms
brushing is for skin, not hair
if you look up CGG on wiki you're confused why there's nothing about DNA
someone says swing and you think of therapy vs a playground
you know the word proprioceptive
Mouse is a person (and not a Disney character)
you know someone forgot to make the next size disposable swim diaper
you're aware that O.T. has  absolutely nothing to do with occupational in a job sense
summertime is not synonymous with vacation. It's a pain in the ass.
you've developed a fear of waiting
you're essentially certified in special ed even though you don't have the Degree to show for it

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