Clouds, May 2010

Clouds, May 2010

Monday, August 22, 2011

follow the Hayden

Hayden reminds me of the Family Circus comic strip sometimes.

This morning he woke up with the roosters and orchestrated a concert with his keyboard and drum-pad that was definitely loud enough to hear at the nearest farm.

After breakfast he was building a campsite. He stomped around the house in his pajamas toting
his new school backpack (filled with all the food from his kitchen set plus two fortune cookies), switched from his Indiana Jones hat to his pirate hat and then back to Indiana, slipped on his waterproof sandals, and told us that he was going camping. He got on the phone to invite his grandparents, accidentally tripped walking from the living room into the kitchen, and then announced, "campsite not fun". 

After Dan the Bear showed up and really disrupted things, Hayden took his pajamas off to hint that he wanted to get dressed.

A little while later he was off with Dan to buy new sneakers. They came home and had lunch, and then Hayden's babysitter Kayla arrived so Dan could do yard work. I got home shortly after he and Kayla washed Mongo (her car). I had some work to do so I lost track of whatever ideas he came up with over the next hour.

Then we played tractor and he unknowingly mimicked Goldilocks by parking his tot-sized John Deere in three neighbor's driveways, until he finally brought it back to ours. Then it was the wagon's turn. Of course we had to shlep it down the hill to fetch the mail, and lugging him back up was fun.

Then Hayden wanted to play mailman at the vacant house next door.

When we finally got him inside for our fajita dinner, he fully participated and wrapped his chicken in half of a soft tortilla with a pinch of shredded cheese. (He did actually bite the "samich" which was quite amazing.)

After dinner he fought Gad with his inflatable Buzz & Woody boxing gloves. Then he got a bath. Following his own grooming, it was now his lion's turn. He gave it a haircut, and then grabbed a leash (bungee cord) to take it for a walk on the deck. Then he said his goodbyes to Lion, set it free, and locked it out of the house by closing the front door on its face. (Although before bedtime, Lion was invited back inside.)

I'm sure I'm leaving something out, but this is a glimpse of Hayden's dotted-line trail today.

All this without a single pit stop of course. 

Any day, now... PLEASE!

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